German is the most popular spoken language in Europe. It is spoken amongst people in Luxembourg, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Learning a new tongue is a challenging one for all and improves your thinking ability, connecting with all types of people easily. German Classes in Chennai provide an Easy way to learn German Language. Use this opportunity to learn this language.

The Germans are proud engineers and they manufacture high-end for a while. The English language is closer to German than Dutch. Some of them love to learn this language for different pronunciation styles. Check below for more:

German words are different to pronounce

The sounds are always the same, once you understand how it works, it is simple to share your ideas with others. German language has the same 26 alphabets with one additional character ß and three vowels (ä, ö, and ü). 

Focus on Genders

German has masculine, feminine and neuter genders. It’s hard to predict the genders for most of the nouns. Learn and use the words properly, Join German Online Course and know the similarities of the words and learn to pronounce them. 

German and English are similar, some of them are listed below:

blau = blue

Finger = finger

kommen = to come

Haus = house

Mutter = mother

Hand = hand

schwimmen = swim

Name= name

alt = old

singen = to sing

Short and Easy German Words

Ja – Yes

Nein – No

Good – gut

Hallo – Hello

Fein – fine

Klein – small

Rattle – rat

Lang – long

Prima – fantastic

Lieb – dear

Klasse – great

Sauber – clean

Fahig – capable

Hoch – high

machen – make

Tee – tea

Kaffee – coffee

Lachen – laugh

machen – do

Heute – today

gestern – yesterday

Sekunde – second

Danke – Thank You

German Sentence Structure

Many of them got confused while learning the German language. Using the right word to convey your information to others. Verbs can be used carefully in German sentences. 

He reads the newspaper – Er liest die Zeitung

German sentence structure follows a different set of rules. Learn this language at German Language Course in Chennai and become a fluent speaker. 


Learning a new language takes time for all. Practice it regularly to become fluent in this language. Daily conversation makes you strong in a particular language.

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