JMeter Training in Chennai

Jmeter is a software testing tool used to carry out various load testing and measure the performance of web applications. Jmeter was originally developed for web application testing but in recent days it can be used in data server testing and functional tests. JMeter Training in Chennai helps to explore the knowledge in JMeter testing tools.

Open source license

JMeter is completely open-source. which means developers can directly install and use source code free of cost. They can also modify the source code as per the development objective.

Friendly GUI

JMeter is highly extensible and easy to use and it can run on various platforms. Available simple interfaces and numerous plugins make JMeter a friendly GUI.

Platform independent

JMeter is an independent platform which means you can make a test plan with the support of a text editor. JMeter is developed with pure Java that is the key factor for JMeter that can run on multiple platforms.

Full multithreading framework

A separate thread group in JMeter enables concurrent and simultaneous sampling of multiple functions.

Visualize Test Result: 

The test results can be shown in a variety of ways, including as a graph, table, tree, or log file.

Easy installation

To use JMeter, simply copy and run the *.bat file. There is no need to install anything.

Highly Extensible

You can write your own test cases. JMeter also has visualization plugins that you may use to expand your testing capabilities.

Multiple testing strategies

Load testing, spike testing, soak testing, volume testing, distributed testing, and functional testing are all supported by JMeter.


JMeter can simulate multiple users with concurrent threads, create a heavy load against web applications under test.

Support multi-protocol

JMeter is a tool that can be used to test web applications as well as database server performance. JMeter supports all basic protocols, including HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, SOAP, JMS, and FTP.

Record & Playback:

JMeter can be used to record user behavior in the browser and simulate it in a web application.

Script Test:

For automated testing, Jmeter script test cases combined with Bean Shell and Selenium.  It leads to effective automation testing.

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