Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing application. It is used for testing, developing, and controlling applications. It also affords services that include Storage of data, analytics, and networking. Developers who are working to create new or make an update in existing applications can use these services. Azure Training in Chennai provides complete technical knowledge about the important features of  Azure cloud services and teaches about how Azure tools support enterprises.

Azure cloud services play a vital role in business challenges and help to reach the company goals. Azure tools that can assist all businesses such as finance, e-commerce, information technology fields. etc.,

Microsoft Azure uses

The main use of Azure is Running virtual machines and hosting the database in the cloud. And it can host a domain name system, Internet services servers, and intermediary applications. Furthermore, Azure is regularly used for data recovery and backup. To meet their long-term data preservation requirements, many companies utilize Azure storage as an archive.

Microsoft Azure cloud services include the following features:


These computing services allow the companies to use virtual machines and support remote application access. Computing sources produced inside the Azure Cloud. And depending upon the need IP address will be configured like a public or private Ip. 


This service segment offers measurable cloud storage for data. that data may be structured and unstructured. Big data projects It also provides support for big data projects, simultaneous storage, and permanent storage.


These services aid in the building and implementation of web applications. They even afford some of the features like search, API controlling, Reporting, and content conveyance. 


These services are used for shared analytics and storage and big data, real-time analytics, machine learning, data streams, business intelligence, and data inventory features.


These mobile cloud services allow the developers to develop cloud applications for mobile devices, notification services, assist back-end engagement, Application programming interfaces(APIs).


This service includes:

  • Virtual networks
  • Traffic management
  • load balancing
  • Network protections

If you want to move on and start a career in Azure? Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai is the best platform to get training in Azure.

Content delivery network:

These content delivery network services include on-demand streaming, digital copyrights management, encoding, and indexing. Azure courses in Chennai at FITA Academy provide the best training under the surveillance of experienced industry professionals. They provide real-time projects so learners get hands-on experience with Azure.

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