Data Science Course in Porur

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Data Science Training in Porur

Course Highlights and Why Data Science Course in Porur at FITA Academy?

Data Science Course is provided by expert trainers with 12+ years of experience in this field.

Trainers train students with the recent algorithms and tools that are used in data science.
FITA Academy conducts interactive training sessions under expert professionals.
Learn Data Science Course in Porur at FITA Academy professionally by working on real-time Data Science projects.
Smart Classrooms with flexible batch timings.
Weekend, Weekday, and Fast track Data Science Training in Porur.
FITA Academy provides necessary interview training to the students.
100% placement support with course certification.

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Data Science is a term that encompasses mathematics, science, statistics, and machine learning algorithms. It uses various tools to identify the hidden patterns from the given information. It operates on the same concept as Data Mining and big data.

Main Components of Data Science

Data Science consists of many components, theories, and algorithms. Some of the basic components of Data Science are Data, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Programming Languages.


Data is said to be a collection of information based on observations, words, numbers, measurements that can be used for discussion, calculation and reasoning. There are different types of data, they are,

Structured Data
Unstructured Data
Semi-Structured Data

Structured Data

The structured data is formatted, organized and searchable.It can be easily understandable by machine language. Examples are address, name, date, etc.

CRM, RDBMS, ERP are best for structured data.

Unstructured Data

The unstructured data is highly unorganized, unformatted, cannot be analyzed and processed without using conventional methods. Examples are video, audio, text, social media activity, etc.

NoSQL and Non-relational databases are suitable for unstructured data.

Big Data

Big Data refers to the high volume of information that can be structured or unstructured. It is associated with key concepts like volume, vision, variety, velocity, visualization, and value. Big Data is the backbone of the various businesses that operate on a day-to-day basis. Grow your technical skills in Data Science by joining the Data Science Course in Porur.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the part of Artificial Intelligence that enables the system datasets process autonomously without any human intervention. It acts according to the various algorithms, instructions provided to work on huge volumes of data. Machine Learning analysis patterns, make predictions and give recommendations. It is used for client retention and fraud detection.

Programming languages

In Data Science, programming languages play a major role. Generally, the investigation and organization of data are finished by computer programming. There are two prominent programming languages, they are, python and R.


It is an object-oriented high-level programming language that provides extensible and large standard libraries.

Python has the best features like automatic memory management, dynamic type, and functional type.


It is one of the most familiar programming languages which can be used in the Mac Operating System, Windows, and UNIX platforms. R is used in social analysis and is best for data visualization.

Join a Data Science Training in Porur to attain in-depth knowledge in Data Science algorithms.

Syllabus of Data Science Course in Velachery

  • Getting to know about Python
  • Installation of Python 
  • Fundamental operations like - coding and debugging. 
  • Plotting and Reading Data
  • Importing Python Modules
  • Data Manipulation 
  • Data Cleansing
  • Knowing about Predictive Modelling Basics
  • Linear Regression and Segmentation
  • Support Vector Machines(SVM)
  • Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
  • Configuration of R
  • Packages
  •  Object types
  • Matrices, Arrays, Lists
  • Data types and operators
  • Loops and Control Statements
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Algorithms and Predictions
  • Tools - Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Sci-kit learn.

Trainer Profile

Trainers are the certified Data Science experts who are working in the top MNC companies.
Trainers have worked under various real time projects.
Tutors are certified professionals with strong practical and theoretical knowledge. 
Trainers provide necessary individual attention and assist the students according to their academic needs.
In FITA Academy, trainers guide the students with necessary interview tips & training and teach them how to enhance their skills in Data Science.

Job Opportunities After Completing Data Science Course in Porur

Career Prospects of Data Science

Data Science is one of the most emerging careers presently. Organizations are hiring candidates who have the necessary skill and criteria for Data Science on their resume. The career opportunities for the Data Science field are comparatively high in the market. Some of the companies that hire Data Science candidates are as follows,

Wipro Technologies

Roles Offered

Listed below are the various job profiles offered by the organizations,

Data Scientist
Data Architect
Business Analyst
Data and Analytics Manager
Database Administrator
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Analytics Manager
Senior Data Analyst

Remuneration offered:

On an average a fresher in the Data Science field can earn upto Rs 4,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 3-5 years of experience can earn upto Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 7,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 7-10 years of experience may earn upto Rs. 8,00,000 to Rs 11,00,000 per annum. Based on the survey provided by,the above-mentioned packages are the standard remuneration offered to a Data Scientist in an organization. 

Data Science Course in Porur at FITA Academy enhances the career opportunities of the students by providing the essential professional training and industry-relevant skills in the Data Science field under the guidance of working professionals. 

Data Science Certification Training in Porur

Data Science course certification will be provided after the successful completion of the course. This certification will make the aspirant get the major job roles in the MNC companies easily. Holding a certification shows the candidate has professional credentials to enter into the Data Science field.

Data Science Course in Porur

Data Science Course Certification makes the candidate as a certified Data Scientist who has core knowledge in its algorithms and tools used. With the help of this certification, you can make a positive impression on yourself during the interview. The candidates who are wishing to start their career as a Data Scientist or Analyst can take up the Data Science Course in Porur at FITA Academy which leads to a successful path to their career.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • We provide a blend of academic knowledge and practical sessions.
  • Well equipped with smart classrooms .
  • FITA Academy offers flexible batch timings for the students and can customize the time scheduling as per their need.
  • FITA Academy is actively running in the training field for more than a decade.
  • It covers the course content syllabus with 60+ hours of training.

Trainers are the certified experts who are working in the top MNC companies. They provide complete subject knowledge and real time projects in the training.

  • FITA Academy has an active placement cell for the students.
  • FITA Academy supports 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Trainers at FITA Academy provide necessary interview tips and help in resume building.

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