PHP Training in Porur

Do you wish to become a PHP Developer? Join PHP Training in Porur at FITA to start your career in the Software industry. Learn PHP courses professionally under industry experts and enhance your career opportunities.

PHP Training in Porur

Course Highlights & Why PHP Training in Porur at FITA?

At FITA, the PHP course is offered by professional trainers who have 12+ years of experience in the Software field.

Excellent lab infrastructure and smart classrooms.
Students receive a wide knowledge about PHP by the trainers and the students can work on real-time projects.
We have flexible batch timing according to student needs.
We conduct interactive training sessions for the students to clear their doubts with the tutor.
Weekend, Weekday and Fast track PHP Training in Porur.
Support in Resume building.
We have tie-ups with top leading MNCs and we assure 100% Placement support.

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PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor is the popularly known scripting language. It is used to develop web pages. With the help of PHP, you can create your login credentials pages, build forums, surveys, and more. It is also called a server-side language for creating dynamic web pages and applications.

Applications of PHP

Web Pages and Web-Based Applications

In this web-based ecosystem, any web page should be ready to provide sophisticated User Interface, effective online transactions, database integrations, a high degree of customization. These features can be achieved with the help of PHP. For server-side computing, about 82% of websites use PHP, nearly 244 million websites are made using PHP. Also, various Facebook apps and web page applications are scripted in PHP.

Web Content Management Systems

PHP supports various databases like Oracle, MS Access, and MySQL, it can communicate with numerous services using protocols such as NNTP, HTTP, IMAP, COM, POP3, and LDAP. PHP is also used for building web Content Management Systems, adding WordPress framework and its plugins, Joomla, Silverstripe, a user-facing portion of Facebook, MediaWiki, Drupal, Moodle, and others. Enroll yourself in PHP Training in Porur and attain complete technical knowledge in PHP.

eCommerce Applications

With the help of PHP frameworks like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, it allows creating many eCommerce applications. Popularly used eCommerce applications are UberCart, Magento, Zen Cart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, these all created using PHP.

GUI- Oriented Applications

PHP is applied as a scripting language in many of the web-based applications. It can be employed for making GUI applications. Some of the tools that allow PHP scripting is DevelStudio, PHP-GTK2, etc.

Join PHP Training in Porur at FITA to attain in-depth knowledge in the PHP concepts.

Syllabus of PHP Training in Porur

Basic PHP Development
Working with the file system
Working with Regular Expression
Disk Access, I/O, Math and Mail
Control Structure
Working with forms
Classes and Objects
PHP Project
History of PHP
What is PHP?
Array functions
Associative arrays
String functions
Part I: Integers
Part II: Floating Points
Type Juggling and Casting
NULL and empty

MySQL & PHP Syllabus

Embedding PHP code on a Page
Executing dynamic text
Inserting Comments Code
Trail of Operational Statements
If Statements
Elseif Statements
Switch Statements
Logical Operators
For Loops
For each Loops
While Loops
Continue & Break Statements
Prospective of Array Pointers
Major Functions
Global Variables
Function Arguments
Returning Values from a functions
Setting Default Argument Values
Multiple Return Values
How to make Links & URLs
Page redirection
Including and requiring files
Output buffering
Using GET values
Encoding GET values
Modifying headers
Encoding for HTML
Deducting Issues
Clear Errors and Warnings

Trainer Profile

At FITA, Trainers are the working professionals in top MNC companies.
Trainers have worked under PHP frameworks and have in-depth knowledge of recent updates in the software development industry.
Tutors train the students with Real-time projects to get practical & technical knowledge. 
Students gain knowledge with relevant industry skills in PHP. 
Trainers give necessary interview tips to the students.

Job Opportunities After Completing PHP Training in Porur

Career prospects of PHP

In the present day, the career Scope of PHP Developers is increasing. Because of its developing system features, cost efficiency, open-source framework the language has become the most demanding programming language in the industry. Here are some of the reputed organizations that hire PHP skilled candidates are as follows: 


Roles Offered

Listed below are some of the job profiles offered by the organizations

PHP Developer 
 PHP Trainee
 PHP Programmer
 Web Designer
Web Developer
 Software Developer

Remunerations Offered

Based on the survey provided by, On average pay for a fresher is around Rs 3,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 5-7 years of experience earn up to Rs 5,00,000 per annum.
Candidates with 8-12 years of experience earn Rs Rs 8,00,000 per annum respectively. These perks may vary according to the market criteria.

Join PHP Training in Porur at FITA and learn the entire course under professional trainers with certification.

PHP Certification Training in Porur

PHP course certification will be provided upon completion of course. This certification will make the student get the leading job posts in the MNC companies easily. Certification shows the candidate has a professional qualification to enter in the field.

PHP Training in Porur

PHP Certification makes the candidate as a certified PHP developer who has core knowledge in PHP scripting and the frameworks. With the help of this certification, you can make a positive impact on yourself during the interview and you can get the job opportunity with ease. The candidates who are wishing to start their journey as a Developer in PHP can take up this PHP Training in Porur at FITA which leads to a successful path to their career.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • We provide a blend of academic knowledge and practical sessions.
  • Well equipped with smart classrooms .
  • FITA offers flexible batch timings for the students and can customize the time scheduling as per their need.
  • FITA is actively running in the training field for more than a decade.
  • It covers the course content syllabus with 60+ hours of training.

Trainers are the certified experts who are working in the top MNC companies. They provide complete subject knowledge and real time projects in the training.

  • FITA has an active placement cell for the students.
  • FITA supports 100% placement assistance to the students.
  • Trainers at FITA provide necessary interview tips and help in resume building.

Contact our support number 98404 11333 and enroll for training. You can also directly walk into our branch and enroll yourself.

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