The Tally.ERP 9 has many important features in it. Many Organizations are making their Payroll management and GST invoices through Tally software. Some of the salient features of Tally.ER9 is as follows.

Simple Accounting Management

A business owner can simply create and track the sales vouchers and obtain their sales reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis with the help of Tally.ERP9.

Using Tally.ERP9 the order tracking and processing can be done easily.

The business owners can easily view Supplier purchase details using the Tally.ERP9 software.

Banking transactions support in ERP software

Tally.ERP9 supports in reconciling business transactions with Bank transactions. One can easily get the list of reconciled transactions within a few seconds with the help of Tally.ERP 9 software.

Inventory management

In order to manage different types of customers, you can create multiple price lists for your stock categories and stock groups accordingly. You can access the summary reports to check the stock position.

Easy access to business reports

Before taking important decisions regarding business deals, the Business owner can directly access their Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement at any point in time.

Tally.ERP9 Allows Remote Login

At the same time, Tally.ERP 9 allows multiple users to log in to the software.

It does not allow any crash to occur and no chance of data manipulation.

Easy to Learn Tally.ERP9

Learning Tally.ERP 9 is an easy process when you are trained under a professional institute. Enroll yourself in the Tally Training in Porur, Chennai to learn Tally professionally under the guidance of expert trainers and enhance your job opportunities. This software is user-friendly. Those into finance and accounting can easily learn this software in a short period of time.

Security features in ERP Software

To save the data from unauthorized access Tally helps in safeguarding the information by encrypting the passwords in an efficient manner.

Join Tally Training in Porur at FITA and learn the entire concepts and features of Tally to become a Tally expert.

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