An Android Developer develops applications for the Android marketplace and the job is to create apps which we use on our smartphones, tablets, and other devices. To ensure that the developed app has the best responsiveness and performance, the Android Developer is the one who works on the app concepts and design phases from coding, executing, and testing. Here are some of the essential skills required to be an Android Developer.

  1. Java
  2. Understanding of XML
  3. Android SDK
  4. Android Studio
  5. APIS
  6. Databases
  7. Material Design
  1. Java:

Java is a language that supports all Android App development. One who has experience in Javascript and Ruby language they can learn the Java program easily because Java is also an Object-oriented language. Android Developers pay much attention to their plan to work with, define data types applications, their coding and more thoughtfully allocating memory resources.

  1. Understanding of XML:

XML is an Extensible Markup Language that is defined as the set of instructions for encoding documents which are both Machine-readable and Human-readable. Android developers use XML to form layouts which serve as the foundation for User Interface definition to develop android applications. Getting well-versed in XML is an important criterion for Android Developers.

  1. Android SDK:

Software Development Kit is abbreviated as SDK, these SDKs are the Java code modules that allow developers to access the device functions like Accelerometer and Camera. The SDK helps in grouping the tools together to enable the programming of mobile applications. Learn Android Training in Chennai at FITA to gain holistic knowledge about mobile app development.

  1. Android Studio:

 It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for Android application development. It is built with IntelliJ IDE, a Java Integrated Development Environment that supports many of the Android SDKs and developer tools. Android studio uses emulator, Github integration and code templates to support application development. This is one of the essential skills that are required for an Android App Developer.

  1. APIS

Application Programming Interface(API) is a software that interfaces two applications to interact with each other. As an Android Developer, you will likely need to connect with many services. Every time you use apps like Facebook, check the weather on your mobile phone or sending an instant message, all of this happens through API.

  1. Databases

If an app supports a large amount of information, most probably it would not exist on your device for a given period. To handle this, your app interacts with the outside database of your phone. Cloud services like Parse or Firebase offer APIs to save information in the cloud and the platforms also often make you plug in your app to make it easy to cache some of the data on the user’s device.

  1. Material Design

Material Design is defined as a set of guidelines and standards that are released by Google. It is the complete guide for visual and interaction design across devices. Android has not maintained its product’s design aesthetic with its competitors like Apple, Google. But it has changed in recent years.

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