Features of Spring Framework


Java is one of the most extensively used programming languages, with applications ranging from mobile apps to large-scale business systems using it. Because Java can fuel nearly any type of development, a plethora of frameworks and tools have emerged to make Java-based software development easier and more efficient. 

One of the most popular frameworks for creating Java-based web applications is Spring. In this article, we’ll look at the Spring framework and how to utilize it to construct Java programs. If you want to learn more about Spring then join Spring Training in Chennai with certification and placement support for your career enhancement.

What is Spring?

The Spring Framework is a free and open-source framework for developing Java corporate applications. Spring intends to make the hard and time-consuming process of developing corporate Java applications easier by providing a framework that contains technologies such as 

Dependency injection in aspect-oriented programming (AOP) (DI)

  • Simple Java Objects (POJO)
  • Even with all of these features, Spring is a lightweight framework that can be used to construct scalable, secure, and robust business web applications.
  • At a macro level, the Spring framework may be thought of as a collection of sub frameworks like Spring Web Flow, Spring MVC, and Spring ORM. In addition to Java, Spring supports Kotlin and Groovy.

All additional Spring-based projects are built on top of the Spring framework, including:

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Cloud
  • Spring GraphQL

Features Of Spring Framework:

Spring’s IoC container is a key component that simplifies the configuration and management of Java objects. This container is in charge of controlling the lifespan of a given Java object, allowing a Spring-based application to be much more configurable.

To supply the object reference during runtime, IoC employs dependency injection or dependency search techniques. The container contains the assembly code necessary for configuration management.

To make these functions easier, Spring offers the org. spring framework. beans and org. spring framework. context packages.

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Data Access Framework:

One of the most prevalent problems that developers experience while designing applications is database connectivity concerns. Spring makes database connectivity easier by directly supporting common Java data access frameworks like JDBC, Hibernate, and Java Persistence API (JPA), among others.

For all supported data access frameworks, it also offers resource management, exception handling, and resource wrapping, making the development process even easier.

Transaction Management Framework:

The Spring Transaction Management Framework, unlike the Java Transaction API (JTA), is not confined to global and nested transactions. Spring provides a Java abstraction technique that allows users to:

  • Work with transactions that are local, global, and layered.
  • Points must be saved
  • Streamline transaction management throughout the whole app.

The Spring Data Access Framework interfaces directly to the Transaction Management Framework and supports messaging and caching. Developers may now design feature-rich transactional systems that span several apps without having to rely on EJB or JTA.

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Spring MVC Framework:

Spring MVC allows developers to use the popular MVC paradigm to design apps. It’s a request-based framework that makes it simple for developers to design customized MVC implementations that meet their specific requirements.

The DispatcherServlet class is the heart of Spring MVC since it processes user requests and routes them to the appropriate controller. This enables the controller to execute the request, build the model, and then provide the data to the end-user via a defined view.


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