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Benefits Of CCNP Certification | What is CCNP
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what is ccnp


One of the various Cisco job certifications available is that of a Cisco certified network professional.

Certification can be obtained by study and training, followed by passing the appropriate certification test. In this blog let’s clearly see what CCNP is and the benefits of CCNP certification with certifications and placement support. If you want to do a certification course on CCNP then join CCNP Training in Chennai with Certification and Placement support for your career enhancement.

What is CCNP?

A Cisco certified network professional (CCNP) is an IT professional who has earned a Cisco career certification, a sort of IT professional certification produced by Cisco Systems to demonstrate that a person is suitably competent to handle Cisco networking devices and systems.

There Are Five Levels Of Certification:

Entry – This is where you begin your journey to become a Cisco certified professional. This category includes Cisco Certified Technicians (CCT) and Cisco Entry Network Technicians (CCENT).

Associate – This is the entry-level for network specifications, with many types of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) branches based on the subject of interest, such as data center, routing, switching, or security.

Professional – This is the highest level of certification, including the Certified Cisco Design Professional (CCDP) and Certified Cisco Network Professional (CCNP) and all of its versions available.

Expert – As the name implies, this is the expert tier, where candidates can earn the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certifications, as well as its variations.

Architect – The highest level of certification confers the title of Architect to the professional, recognizing the candidate’s architectural skill in network design in order to support increasingly complex worldwide networks.

Benefits Of CCNP Certification:

You will get a critical understanding of the computer interaction sector:

The first thing that everyone should realize about CCNP Training in Chennai is that professionals will gain a better understanding of this expertise. The computer network sector is vast, and having a CCNP on your CV might help you make a nice salary every year or month. Furthermore, you should quadruple your hard effort, devotion, and perseverance when studying for the exam. You must prepare yourself for the test in order to stand out, as this is one of the most difficult exams.

You can comprehend the need for this certification in the entire IT area and its advantages to your career after passing the exam and receiving a certification. It also shows that you have the expertise necessary to solve many of the challenges that IT industry professionals confront. The firm can trust you to discover answers and protect the organization from hazardous viruses and dangers after viewing your CCNP certification.

You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of nations throughout the world:

Whether or not you have prior expertise in the industry, you will have a plethora of opportunities to work in a variety of nations throughout the world for a respectable yearly or monthly salary. CCNP provides applicants with a fantastic career opportunity. Australia, the United Kingdom, Angola, Algeria, the United States, Dubai, India, and Nigeria, for example, have always welcomed CCNP-certified people to work with them. Few things are as commercial in these countries as certificates.

Job Growth that is Outstanding:

A bundle of CCNP certification training puts you at the top of the list for career improvements and promotions, in addition to assisting you in finding the best employment in the IT business. If you decide to change jobs, the certification will help you obtain a better position at a better firm, allowing you to explore more choices.

It will make your CV more interesting to read.

After finishing the CCNP Course in Chennai, your CV will speak for itself. It will make your CV more valuable. When they notice your CCNP certification on your CV, you’ll have a better chance of getting recruited with a nice wage package. You’ll eventually be identified as a prospect they’d want to recruit as quickly as feasible.


I hope that this blog helps you to get some valuable information about CCNP Certification if you want to join CCNP Classes in Chennai then join FITA Academy because it provides you training from real-time working experts and also helps you to enhance your career by providing certification and placement support.

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