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If you are working on any project and it doesn’t matter on which language you are working, whether you are working on java, .net any kind of mainframe but still your application data is going to save somewhere in the structured format. So Oracle is needed for managing the huge data. It is a popular database management system to store and retrieve data at any time at anywhere. It can be work on both third-party servers and oracle hardware. Oracle Training in Chennai provides the best training programs through oracle experts.

Most popular database systems in the market.


In MySQL, you can start with the enterprise and utilizing the free community server, and later upgrade to the commercial version. this is also provided by the oracle corporation. 

Microsoft SQL server 

MS SQL Server is a relational database management system built for the basic function of storing driving data as required by the other application. this is the Microsoft product. 


PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system developed by the University of California. This database understood relationships and could retrieve information in related tables.


DB2 is a Hybrid Data Management product developed by IBM. It is designed to store analyze retrieve structured, unstructured data efficiently. 

Learn about other data management systems through Oracle Training in Bangalore. They will give a brief introduction to the systems.

How SQL works in Oracle?

A structured query language that nothing but SQL. SQL is a powerful query language that is used with relational database management systems. it was first designed for use with the IBM database management system in 1986. In later, SQL standard for all the RDBMS. SQL is a language using which we can operate like create, drive, add, modify, delete, and control access to the data in the Oracle databases.

Why Oracle is more popular than other Database systems?

  • Oracle ensures the security and integrity of data 
  • It uses Logical structures to store the information.
  • Connect with other networks and interact with other databases easily.
  • It can be work on various hardware and operating system.
  • Memory caching and partitioning 
  • Oracle offers an RMAN tool. It helps for quick data backup and recovery.

Oracle Training in Coimbatore deploys beginners in a real-time project. So they will acquire hands-on experience with the oracle concepts.

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