What is Apache Spark


The Apache Organization created Spark to speed up the Hadoop computational computing software process. Spark is not a fork of Hadoop, and it isn’t entirely reliant on it since, contrary to common belief, it has its own cluster management. In the blog, I am going to discuss what is Spark is and how Spark is working in a short note. for detailed information on Spark join Spark Training Institute in Chennai that helps you to enhance your knowledge in spark technology also provides career guidance.

What Is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is a Multiplatform parallel processing framework. It runs extensive data analytics applications across clustered computers. It can also manage both batch and actual-time analytics.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley first developed the method in 2009 as a means to speed up Hadoop processing tasks.

How Apache Spark Works?

Hadoop Distributed File System data may be handled by Apache Spark. Spark can do in-memory processing to speed up big data analytics applications, but it can also perform disk-based processing when data sets are too large to store in memory.

The RDD, or resilient distributed data set, is the basic data type used by the Spark Core engine. It gathers data and splits it over a server cluster, from which it may be calculated and either transported to another data repository or processed via an analytic model. The user is not required to specify where files are transferred or what computing resources are utilized to store or retrieve files. 

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What is Apache Spark Used For?

Spark’s vast range of libraries and flexibility to compute data from a variety of data storage means it can be used to solve a variety of issues in a variety of sectors. It is used by online advertising organizations to hold track of web activity and generate campaigns for personalized to individual customers. Financial institutions use it to process financial data and run models in order to impact investment choices. It is used by consumer products organizations to compile customer data and estimate trends in order to make inventory decisions and identify new market possibilities.


Finally, Apache Spark is a high-performance cluster computing platform that extends the well-known MapReduce architecture to efficiently support new sorts of computations including interactive queries and stream processing. To learn more join FITA Academy that provides you with training by real-time working experts so that you can get the knowledge of what companies expect from a candidate. It helps you to update yourself with the knowledge also provides you course completion certificate with placement support. By Joining the Course at FITA Academy you can enhance your career.

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