Web-Based Applications of Java

Web-Based Applications of Java

What is Java?

Java Programming language is paired with the struts, Page, Servlets, Hibernate, JavaServer, like Apache HTTP, Resin, Web-server, Apache Tomcat can use the design of web applications. Can develop any technologies based on applications. Ecommerce uses are generated applying Java when joined with open-source eCommerce programs like Broadleaf. Join JAVA Training in Chennai at FITA Academy is one of the best training institutions. Here in this blog, we describe the Web-based Applications of Java. 

Building Android Applications

There are different methods to improve Android apps. Most of them are composed in Java applying Google’s Android API. Java Micro Edition is the structure applied to create forms that operate on smartphones and specialty receivers. Java is cooperative with Android and Kotlin Studio.

  • Spotify
  • Signal
  • CashApp, formerly known as Square Cash
  • Twitter

Embedded Systems

We can see that Embedded systems are everywhere, like Smartphones, TVs, Computers and motor systems, etc. Embedded systems use Java for development. Java was created to improve embedded systems. 

  • SIM cards in our phones
  • Smart Cards
  • Utility Meters
  • Television
  • Blu-ray disc

Big Data Technologies

Big data technologies are the most popular topic in the world recently. These technologies, Apache Mahout, Apache Hadoop, use Java in another way. Learn Java Online Course at FITA Academy with the support of industrial expert tutors. 

Gaming Applications

Android can’t develop without Java. Java Programming language is a supported virtual machine that runs on the platform of Android.  

Software Tools

Software devices support programmers to develop, analyze and maintain other programs. Most programmers can rely on Java to communicate and develop software media. The software tools commonly used by the developers like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse.  

Cloud-Based Application

Java perfectly adapts to cloud computing. It helps to develop applications used in the Software-as-a-Services, Platform-as-a-service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service. An excellent instance of the cloud growth device is Oracle Java Cloud. It helps in designing and configuring the oracle servers. 

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