Types of Artificial Intelligence

Different Types Of Artificial Intelligence

AI can be categorized into two types that are based on the abilities and functionally of Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai assists you to know about Different Types Of Artificial Intelligence in depth.

Type-1: Narrow Artificial Intelligence

  • These categories of artificial intelligence can execute custom-built tasks with intelligence. The most general and presently accessible artificial Intelligence is Narrow AI.
  • But it would not run over its territory or boundaries, Narrow AI performs the particular task only. Therefore it is also called weak Artificial intelligence. It can be failed in inconstant ways if it performs over its boundaries.
  • Apple is a suitable instance for these categories of artificial intelligence, although it performs with a restricted pre-planned series of purposes.
  • IBM’s systems are constructed in the concepts of Narrow Artificial Intelligence, as it practices a Skillful system program integrated with Machine learning.
  • Some instances of this Artificial Intelligence are playing chess, buying recommendations on the e-commerce website, self-starting buses, language identification, and picture identification.

General Artificial Intelligence:

  • This AI can operate all intelligent tasks with performance like an individual.
  • The goal of general artificial intelligence is to create a system that is smarter than humans and can think like a human on its own.
  • At this time, there is no system that could be classified as general artificial intelligence and that can execute any work as well as a human.
  • Researchers from around the world are now concentrating their efforts on constructing robots that are capable of general artificial intelligence.
  • As generic AI systems are still in the early stages of development, it will require a significant amount of effort and time to bring them to market. Artificial Intelligence Online Course will help you to understand the ai concepts, types, and components clearly.

Super Artificial Intelligence:

  • In the field of artificial intelligence, super AI refers to a level of system intelligence at which machines may surpass humans at any task that needs cognitive abilities. 
  • A level of Intelligence of Systems at which machines may outperform humans at any task requiring cognitive abilities is referred to as artificial intelligence.
  • It is a result of generic artificial intelligence.
  • Some of the most important properties of powerful artificial intelligence are the ability to think, reason, solve puzzles, make decisions, plan, learn, and communicate on its own, among other things.
  • The actual construction of such systems is still a monumental undertaking with the potential to alter the course of history.

 Type-2: Based on the Functionality

Reactive Machines

  • The most fundamental types of Artificial Intelligence are pure reactive machines, which are the most basic of all.
  • Such artificial intelligence systems do not retain memories or previous experiences in order to guide future behaviors.
  • These machines are only concerned with the current situation and react to it in the most optimal way feasible.
  • The Deep Blue system, developed by IBM, is an example of a reactive machine.
  • AlphaGo, developed by Google, is another example of a reactive machine.

Limited Memory

  • Machines with limited memory can store past experiences or a little amount of data for a short length of time.
  • These machines can only utilize the data that has been stored for a short amount of time.
  • Self-driving automobiles are one of the most impressive examples of systems with Limited Memory. 
  • These vehicles can retain information such as the most recent speed of neighboring vehicles, the distance between vehicles, the speed limit, and other relevant information to help them traverse the road.


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