The elements of graphic design are the components or parts that make up a piece of artwork or design work. Make some well-designed graphic design by mixing one part color with a pinch of texture and a sprinkling of shape. Graphic Design Courses in Chennai provides in-depth knowledge in graphics elements

LINE: Lines can be used for a variety of purposes in graphic design, including emphasizing a word or phrase, connecting text, and generating patterns, among others.

COLOR: Color can be utilized to elicit emotional responses, identify importance, enhance visual interest, and unify branding efforts, among other things. For additional information, please see our post on Color Psychology.

TEXTURE: It is associated with the way an object’s surface is textured. The role of texture adds depth and aesthetic interest to the final product. This can be applied graphically in the form of a pattern or by selecting a printable surface from a variety of options.

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SIZE: In graphic design, usage of size is utilized to convey importance, draw attention, and create contrast between two or more elements.

GEOMETRIC (circles, squares, triangles, and so on), natural (leaves, trees, and people, among other things), and abstract shapes are the three fundamental categories of shapes to consider (icons, stylizations, and graphic representations). 

SPACE: A critical component of any successful graphic design project, The region surrounding the elements in a design is referred to as space. It can be used to categorize and segregate information. Use it to your advantage to give the eye a rest, establish importance, and direct the eye in the direction you want it to travel.

VALUE: In a design, value refers to how light or dark an area appears to be. It includes every color under the sun. When used effectively, it may add depth, contrast, and attention to a photograph.


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