AI has made lives more comfortable and simple for human beings. AI has been applied in many real-world applications. Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai at FITA trains the students and professionals as well to attain core knowledge in AI with certification. Some of the applications of AI in the real world are as follows,

AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is applied in the healthcare industry as it is very much useful to generate vast amounts of information to spot patterns faster than human potential. Some of the examples of  AI in healthcare are,

Cambio Healthcare, the organization developed a system for the prevention of stroke, that warns the physician when a patient is having the risk of heart stroke.

Another such example is Coala Life, an organization that has applied AI in finding heart diseases.

AI in Finance

Some of the financial and investment companies like Nomura securities and Aidya are using Robo-trades for greater profits and use AI algorithms to have autonomous trading.

Chatbots are served in banks which are supported by a natural language processing system that efficiently serves the customers to clear their queries and doubts by providing proper answers.

AI helps to detect fraudulent transactions, it is a major application of Artificial Intelligence in finance services.

AI in Agriculture

AI is widely used in the agricultural industry.  It provides solutions to the issues that are related to food security, climatic changes, etc. to increase the crop yield.

The automation machines and robotics are helpful for the farmers in numerous ways to prevent their crops from weeds.

Apart from these, a robot named See & Spray developed by Blue River Technology uses technology as an object detection to keenly monitor and spray the herbicide to protect the plants.

AI in Space Explorations

AI is integrated into the Space explorations to gather and analyze the vast amount of information. These gathered data are sent back to us which lowers the risk of participation of human workers.

In many instances, the robots are supposed to take main decisions without any command, rovers like AEGIS are currently performing investigations on planet Mars.

Europe’s Airbus developed CIMON, a small robot which can communicate with the people by using the facial-recognition software.

AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles are a significant application in the AI industry. The AI system in automobiles collects the data from GPS, cloud services, radar, and cameras to provide appropriate signals to drive the vehicle.

One of the most familiar examples is a self-driving car by Tesla. Without human intervention, the AI operates the cars with the help of features like deep learning, image detection, and computer vision.

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