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Selenium is an open-source automation testing suite that is used to test web browser applications. There are many tools available for testing purposes, but selenium is the best tool to test the various browsers and platforms because of its high accuracy and performance rate. Join Selenium Online Training to learn more about Pros and Cons of using Selenium and Selenium Testing.

Pros of using Selenium

Some of the pros of using selenium automation testing tool are provided below,

Open Source/Free

Selenium is a free and open-source automation testing tool. It allows you to modify the base framework and supports a better extension for one’s professional or personal usage. The greater benefit of Selenium is that it is the only open-source product that is compared to its paid equivalents. There are no upfront payments for its usage.


It is said to be language-independent because the selenium supports many languages like Java, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, R, and Perl. Thus, it makes the developers feel more comfortable and flexible to work on any of the platforms and system frameworks.

Selenium Supports Parallel Testing

Selenium permits parallel testing by integrating with the selenium grid. This testing permits you to significantly reduce the testing time and this tends to test many applications more efficiently. Enroll yourself in Selenium Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy to learn the entire concepts in Selenium under the guidance of expert professionals.

Supports various Operating Systems and Browsers

Selenium is used across various browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. Also, it can work over on different Operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows, Unix, etc.

Cons of using Selenium

Every testing tool has its own drawback and here are some of the disadvantages of the selenium testing tool,

Steep learning curve

One of the trends among automation testing is codeless testing. This approach makes developers perform tests without in-depth knowledge of programming. Some of the testing tools like Tricentis, Ranorex, and TestComplete make these kinds of options by building a user-friendly UI.

Web Only

It is a web-only testing tool and with the use of additional plugins, it can be applied for testing the mobile apps but it is unable to support mobile hybrid apps or mobile native apps. These limitations tend to remove it from many of the QA projects.

 Lack of Synchronization

One of the drawbacks with the selenium is there is a lack of synchronization because of the massive usage of AJAX and thus makes the async programming in the web development technologies. Also, the maintenance of programmed test scripts is quite difficult.

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