Features of Node JS

Node.js is backend javascript. It was developed by Chrome V8. It’s completely free and open-source. It is used to develop highly scalable web applications quickly because it provides cross-platform, non-blocking features. Millions of developers utilize Node Js all over the world. Node JS Training in Chennai affords complete technical knowledge and provides training in dynamic web application development using Node JS. 

You should have a clear understanding of JavaScript before using NodeJS. if You’re going to use Node.js to build web-based applications. It would be advantageous if you were familiar with other programming technologies such as CSS, and basic javascript.


Non-blocking is one of the revolutionary features in Node JS. developer can execute the next task while he waiting for a response loading of data, polling a remote service in some other execution. Therefore the development process can be extremely efficient and fast.


Node JS uses various threads in the backend and executes the asynchronous code. Execution will be non-blocking which means all callbacks are assigned to the event loop and can be executed by various threads. All execution takes place in Node JS run time.


Every APIs contained in the Node.js library is non-blocking. which means the Node JS server won’t expect return data from an API. After calling an API, the server passes on to the next one, and a Node.js notification mechanism assists the server in receiving a response from the previous API call.

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Node Package Manager – NPM

  • npm is the software registry available in node JS and its world’s largest Registry.
  • This software registry holds over 690,000 code packages.
  • This registry can also be used to distribute software by open-source web developers.
  • To manage private development, npm is used by many enterprises.
  • npm is free to use.

No Buffering

Data is never buffered in Node.js. Simple data output carried out by Node JS application. So without interruption users can watch the videos.

Easily Scalable and Lightweight

If Node Js is used for microservices architecture, it will be more efficient because of its lightweight technology.

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