How Object Identification Works in QTP

What is QTP?

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional. The test automation device is being used to simplify the process of testing software applications, especially for functional and regression testing. FITA Academy’s QTP Training in Chennai offers more career opportunities. Here in this blog, we describe how object identification works in QTP.

What is Object Identification?

QTP also uses human technologies for the recognition of objects. The QTP attempts to discover the properties of a GUI on functional performance. 

Microfocus UFT compares the registered properties with the real object properties. These items are available on-screen during work-time and clearly recognize an object of its location. The kept object and properties are referred to test another object.

How Object Identification Works in QTP:

To identify objects and their properties during run-time, QTP maintains them in the object repository. An object may be interconnected with a high number of factors. Enroll at FITA Academy for the best QTP Online Training provides real-time projects throughout the live session. 

The object description contains object values and properties. It is used to determine the related object and select it in the QTP tools menu. In the recognition dialog box, we can see all the loaded and installed technologies. 

  • Required properties will be kept for that object by default.
  • Assistive components are implemented if the QTP is unable to implement a distinctive narrative of the object while script recording. This will also save the assistive properties. 
  • QTP will help to identify and preserve all the values of alt tag, image type, HTML tag, and necessary properties.
  • If it is unable to generate a unique description using obligatory property, QTP will store assistive property. QTP will hold the property in this procedure.
  • If object property helps in the development of a particular report of the object, it will not keep the height property and file name. If it provides a unique description, QTP will keep the filename property. 
  • In record time, QTP just has stored class property. It will forget the difference between assistive and required properties during runtime. It is also compared with all the recorded properties. 


In modern days the QTP is also known as UFT. It is specifically designed for automatic testing in windows without following any technique. QTP is typically used for service, functional, and regression testing. QTP Training in Bangalore offers certification with 100% placement assistance.

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