Functions of Kotlin


Kotlin is a Google programming language that arises with a broad range of functionalities. Kotlin empowers the developers to solve the problem and also secures attainability with Java. FITA Academy’s Kotlin Android Developer Course in Chennai provides certification with 100% placement assistance. Here in this blog, we describe the Functions of Kotlin. 

Kotlin plays a vital role in solving and rectifying the developer’s problems. Each developer prefers the Kotlin as their first preference, and they consider the Kotlin as a protected and safe compact programming language. 

Functions of Kotlin:

Kotlin combines more functions. There are in the following,


Kotlin is very easy to learn, and it provides codes for application in an effective way. It reduces the developers’ time spent in this programming language and reduces the code range. 

Expansion Functions: 

This function allows us to combine additional functions of all our existing components that implement simple and impressive features. This program is ideal for computations and also adding strings. This function allows you to automatically eliminate the errors and clarify the code for controlling and debugging.

Reduces Run Time: 

With the help of Kotlin, we can easily recognize the exception point in organizing the project. It secures each variable and decreases the time compiling. This feature is helpful for developers while processing. Join FITA Academy for the best Kotlin Online Course and learn from developing experts. 

Smart Casting: 

Smart casting is the terminal function from the perspective of the developer. It efficiently decreases the speed of the application, therefore increasing its performance execution. This function is helpful to classify the type of function and performs each operation that has been coded to a selective type by improving the coding efficiency. 

Inexpensive Cost: 

The Kotlin and it is overall programming adaptive with an inexpensive cost. Its operational and functional cost is also less, so it is highly preferred by each developer who made the application. 

Kotlin is a very flexible, reliable, and secure language. The minimal cost associated and improved performance guaranteed by using the Kotlin language helps increase the business profitability. 


Kotlin is open-sourced development of Android applications. It has been extended with a practical approach and combines other traditional languages. Kotlin Training in Bangalore offers real-time projects with practical examples. 

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