Core Features of R Programming

R Programming:

R is a widely available open-source programming language. It is broadly used as an analytical software and data testing tool. This program usually occurs with the interface of command lines and is also used by the networking platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux. Join FITA Academy’s R Programming Training in Chennai and learn from industry specialists. Here in this blog, we describe the Core Features of R Programming.


R programming is a part of the implementation of S. Its primary version was in 1995, formed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka in the university of Auckland at New Zealand. Recently it was managed and developed by the R development team. 

Core Features of R Programming Languages:

This programming has two types of core features. There are in the following,

Statistical or Analytical Feature:

Basic Method: The basic method consists of mode, mean, median, and statistical terms, which are called measures of primary tendency. While using the R programming, we can easily measure the primary tendency. 

Graphics: R has strong equipment for formulating and producing interesting graphic statistics. R includes many standard types for graphics like biplots, maps, mosaic, and others. Study R Programming Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy and be an expert in the programming language. 

Distribution of Probability: The distribution of probability plays an important part in analytics. By using R programming, we can efficiently manage different varieties of probability distribution like Normal Distribution, Chi-squared Distribution, Binomial Distribution, and much more.

Analysis of Data: This programming gives a comprehensive, understandable, and unified compilation of tools for the analysis of data.

Programming Features:

R units: This program has a broad availability of R libraries and units. Each unit holds more than 1 lakh packages with an extensive network. 

Distribution of Computing: Distribution computing is a standard in which elements of a software system are shared with different types of desktops and computers to increase the efficiency of the programming performance. It widely launched its two new different packages in 2015 to reduce the bugs and improve coding. 


In Conclusion, it is a wide range of open-source programming languages. R is the first choice for all the programming users and data scientists. This program has largely enhanced its tools and technologies for better software. R Training in Chennai provides real-time projects with practical examples.

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