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  • Nowadays, people are getting adapted to a digital world rapidly and all the companies around the world wish to have their online presence and thus it creates a lot of job opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry.
  • Digital Marketing is a fast-growing field. With this developing technology, parallelly you need to grow your marketing skills to sustain in this sector. 
  • In recent research, it has stated that compared to the traditional economy, the digital economy has grown 10 times faster and the organizations that engage in online trading are creating more job opportunities. Join Digital Marketing Course in Chennai to learn the essential concepts in Digital Marketing.

Major Roles in Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is one of the highest job posts offered in the Digital Marketing field. To attain this job position one should have a minimum of 4-6 years of experience. The responsibilities of the Digital Director or Manager is to manage the overall marketing development sector which includes maintaining marketing campaigns, regular update, and customization of the existing websites, etc.

Web Designer & Web Developer

Web Developer or Web Designer is a demanding job role all over the world. Their work is to create amazing websites and webpages. The terms web designer and web developer are used interchangeably but the task of a web developer is a specific one whereas web designer does a lot of things. The job for a web designer or developer will be coding, modifying, and designing websites making it look appealing to the users. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is needed to get into this post. Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore offers professional training in Digital Marketing.

SEO Executive/Expert

The SEO Executive/Expert has to enhance Google rankings to make more traffic on the websites. Companies hire SEO experts to promote their websites over the web. The SEO Executive has to check whether the content on the website is available with keyword research, search-friendly, conduct keyword research, research about tools in SEO, build sitemaps, etc.

PPC/SEM Expert

The SEM-Search Engine Marketing Expert will look after all the paid search campaigns on Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other marketing engines. The SEM specialist coordinates the marketing and SEO team together in order to improve the traffic on websites, ROI, etc. As a PPC expert, they are supposed to manage landing pages, give suggestions for ad graphics, maintain report generation, etc.

 Content Marketer

The role of the Content Marketer is to create better contents than before that exists on the websites. The responsibilities include writing content that makes it go viral over the website, following trends, incorporating other teams to give ideas to the content, etc. Proficiency in the English language is necessary to deliver worthy content.

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