Five Phases of Hacking

The Five Phases Of Hacking

The hacking process is classified into five Phases. They are listed below: Reconnaissance Scanning Process Gaining Access Controlling access Removing tracks The Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai helps to discover the phases of hacking. Reconnaissance The hacking process begins with reconnaissance. This phase is also termed as data collection and tracking. This step takes a long time. […] Read More
Why Mobile Testing is Essential?

Why Mobile Testing is Essential?

What is Mobile Testing? Mobile testing proceeds to develop its value, and it is widely important to have the appropriate strategy and tools for various types of mobile testing. FITA Academy gives the best Mobile Testing Training in Chennai by Mobile Testing experts. Here, in this blog, we describe Why Mobile Testing is Essential? It […] Read More

Accounting Features In Tally ERP 9

Accounting features in tally ERP 9 are crucial sections of business features. Tally ERP 9 comprises the various configurations and processes that are helpful for transactions between the accounts and generating the reports. Accounting features can be started with one tap (F11) function key.  Tally Course in Chennai aims to cover the topics in Accounting Features […] Read More
What Is RPA And How Does It Work?

What Is RPA And How Does It Work?

RPA Working method Many People thought about the name of RPA as robots completing day-to-day projects. But, RPA is not a robot to automate the assigned works. It wouldn’t substitute people with robots. The phrase ‘robot’ in RPA is software that can be running on both virtual and physical machines and supports in installing automation […] Read More
What is Python, and why is it so popular

What is Python and why is it so popular?

Python was designed by the late Dutch Programmer called Guido Van Rossum. Python programming language highlights the demand for code readability, clear language, and a well-structured system. Python is a general-purpose coding signal that can be used as a tool for network and mobile application growth, processing data, and reporting method characters. Here in this […] Read More
Digital Marketing Courses

Careers in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, people are getting adapted to a digital world rapidly and all the companies around the world wish to have their online presence and thus it creates a lot of job opportunities in the Digital Marketing industry. Digital Marketing is a fast-growing field. With this developing technology, parallelly you need to grow your marketing skills […] Read More
Use cases of Jira software

Use cases of Jira software

Use cases of Jira software What is Jira software? Jira Software is the role of a group of products created to support teams of each kind to maintain performance. Jira was formed as an issue tracker. Now Jira has developed into a great business management tool for each type of use case, from specifications and […] Read More
advantages of MVC Hosting

Top 7 Seven Advantages Of MVC Hosting

Web designers can make web apps using the MVC framework in It has 3 major functions that have to be performed. These 3 are Model, View & Controller. When you are speaking of the Model, it denotes the state of the app. The creation of a user interface refers to the View through which […] Read More

Career In Graphic Designing Field

Graphic design is a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of artistic and professional fields that focus on visual communication and expression. To generate a visual representation of thoughts and pictures, graphic design elements include numerous symbols, images, and words. One can learn Graphic Design by joining various Graphic Design Courses in Mumbai. Careers in […] Read More
SEO Courses

Why is SEO Important?

Why is SEO Important? Most companies have heard that they should be doing SEO by now. Although search engine optimization might help you rank better in Google’s search results, how important is it? You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you want to be sure that every investment pays off. Here, in this blog […] Read More