Hadoop is an open-source Java-based framework. It is used for developing data processing applications. It can run on large sets of data with clusters of commodity computers. These are mainly used to reach high computational power with low-cost implementation. Enroll yourself in BigData Hadoop Training in Porur at FITA to learn the basic concepts and its uses in the real-world application.

Security and Law Enforcement

Hadoop is mainly used by the National Security Agency of the USA to detect and prevent terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks. The Big Data tools are used in the police departments to find out the criminal activities and to catch them. The credit card companies apply this Big Data to identify illegal transactions.

Optimizing machine performance

Hadoop is used in optimizing machine performance and it is used in automobiles like cars with self-driving automation. With the help of GPS and other camera sensors fixed in the car makes it drive it without any human driver. This Hadoop in the mechanical field improves and gets changes in the future world. Big Data Training in Porur at FITA offers best training in the Hadoop.

Cities and Countries improvement

Hadoop plays a main role in the development of cities and countries, for example, Hadoop is implemented in transportation purposes as it controls the occurrence of traffic jams and it provides proper transport guidelines for trains and buses and it makes the city into a smart city.

Financial trading and forecasting

Hadoop is useful for trading purposes, it is designed with a complex algorithm to forecast the trading opportunities. It has the capability to work without any human assistance. Many main trading decisions are handled and taken by the Hadoop algorithm.

Improving healthcare and public health

In the medical field, it stores a large amount of information that is related to the patient’s medical history, personal records, financial data, and clinical information. It is also used for many health-related applications and it keeps track of day to day activities on improving public healthcare.

Sports applications

Big data is applied in the sports field for analyzing the player auctions, managing player’s health, and fitness and past transmission trends. The tool called IBM slamTracker is used in games like tennis, football, and basketball to enhance the performance of each player and many sensors are applied in the sports field.

Science and Research field

Hadoop is playing a vital role in the Science and Research area. Many applications in the research sector are using the BigData for extracting large amounts of data with less effort. Hadoop saves a lot of energy and time compared to earlier resources in the science field.

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