Linux Training

1. High Security

The Linux operating system is considered the safest and secured server of all time. The community offers quick security fixes regularly, offers kernel updates, security patches, and constantly updates its application to tackle ever-rising server security threats. Learn fundamentals to advanced level of Linux concepts through Linux Training in Chennai.

2. User-friendly & FREE

Linux has high compatibility, easy usability, and the fact that it is free of cost. Many users find it easy to operate Linux operating systems. 

3. Personalized Customization Available

The power of customizing your system as per your likes and advantages is one of the biggest perks of using the Linux operating system. Linux comes with these features and great tools like Compiz takes the user experience even further.

4. Wide Hardware Compatibility

If any new software is updated. Linux hardware has great compatibility like HDD that adopts and runs with high performance and occupies less space in memory than Windows. But other operating systems may occupy 750MB to 1.50 GB of your personal memory, Linux takes up only 200 MB to 500 MB, which will leave you with much more space. FITA Academy offers the best Linux Course in Chennai through experienced professionals, so beginners can easily understand the concepts.

5. Community

The Linux community works together with programmers, developers, and Linux devotees from all around the world. In the Linux operating system and gaming world, users frequently drop questions and get answers to their queries in the shortest time. You can contact fellow users on forums, user groups, and even contact Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux) via his forum.

Advantages of Using Linux operating system over windows.

  • Linux can run on old computers and makes them useful because of lightweight compatibility hardware. But if you want to run a new version of the windows operating system on your computer, you need 1 GB RAM, the latest processors. But Linux requires less than 500MB Ram and can be installed on low-end systems.

  • Linux can operate with all programming languages like Perl, Python, C, etc. Command-line is better than windows. bash scripting features available in Linux. So most of the programmers like to stick with Linux. Linux Online Courses provides training in different tools and techniques.

  • Greater and Better Evolution of Linux- The real evolution and creativity are done in the Linux operating system. New updates will be published in six months, By adding more user-friendly features to making improvements for developers, Linux is on fire! 

  • Linux is More Reliable-Microsoft provides security by making data collected from every user, anonymous. But in Windows 10, Users feel something is insecure! The update has already received major backlash. Whether you opt not to give Microsoft your data or comply with their terms, the data will still be collected, which is a huge privacy leak. Linux, on the other hand, is a perfect solution for users looking to gain 100% privacy and transparency. Learn Linux Online and become experts in Linux operating system. 

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